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John Klass - Award Winning Multi Talent

John Klass is a triple platinum selling artiste who has garnered much success through the years.



John first got public attention as lead singer with award winning band KICK! (Best Group & Best Song “JANE” in the Music Awards 1993) The popularity of the group saw KICK! performing in front of capacity crowds of 30,000 to 50,000 people in Kuala Lumpur & Malacca respectively. 


Solo (Soundtracks)

John was commissioned to write & produce for the soundtrack of the hit film  ‘The Teenage Textbook Movie’. With it, he picked up an award for Best Song at  the 2000 Music Awards for the movie’s theme song ‘Falling in Love’

John also featured on the soundtrack to the international release of the film “That’s The Way I Like It” or “Forever Fever” as it was known in Asia - contributing two tracks to the movie’s soundtrack. 


Solo Hits 

John’s songs continue to hit the airplay charts with a string of No. 1 songs  across Singapore. From his original songs to classic updates - Elvis’s “It’s Now Or Never” & the ABBA classic ‘Honey Honey’, a duet with a popular TV actress Jamie Yeo.  


Manchester United Song

A single in tribute to the undying spirit of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United was recorded in London by renowned producer Richard Niles. His credit reads: Ray Charles, Sir Paul MacCartney, Mariah Carey, Boyzone, Sarah Brightman etc... 

The song titled “Believing In Fergie’s Fighters” had Sir Alex Ferguson himself writing John a thank-you note. 


National Song

During the outbreak of the deadly SARS virus, John was commissioned by Red Cross Society to write/produce a national tribute song. It was for the doctors and nurses who put their own lives on the line to save the lives of the sufferers of the SARS virus.  

The tribute song “Thru Your Eyes” went triple platinum in Singapore and was featured on the BBC World Service and ITV News UK. 


International UK Release - Jinkli Nona

John released the video to his single Jinkli Nona

It’s a creole Portuguese folk song popular in parts of South East Asia, Brazil & Macau redone to a pulsating rhythm & latin beats to set the dance floor alive.

Release across the United Kingdom, with over 6000 channels from TV stations to venues picking up on the single.

Remixes done by popular dance label Hed Kandi’s “One Foot In The Groove”

Jinkli Nona remixed by "One Foot In The Groove" made it to the top 3 of the Hed Kandi Charts in 2009


The Professionals

John Klass is also the frontman of the international, ultra sleek & energetic rock, funk & soul band, The Professionals. The band performed in Cannes, France in January to rave reviews & is slated to close the MediaCorp’s Channel 5 New Years Eve TV show at Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Floating stage with their debut single “Funk It Up”.


Voice Over Talent

John Klass helms Love Songs on the night show on Singapore's No.1 English Radio Station, Class 95Fm. John helmed his own Evening Drive radio show on KISS 92fm. Starting off his public career as a radio personality in 1991, John is very much sought  after as a voice-over talent. His distinct and resonant voice can be heard over numerous levels of advertising around the country. From TV station trailers to commercials on both TV & Radio.



As a Master-of-Ceremony, John has over 20 years of experience behind him, having been in radio broadcasting since 1991 . He hosts a wide range of events ranging from Conventions, Dinner & Dances & Info & Educational Talks to many levels of educational establishments from primary to tertiary. 



​With over 20 years as an industry practitioner &  professional in the music & media industry, John Klass is a master trainer to educational establishments, corporate companies & private students from courses like Public Speaking, Singing, Songwriting/Production & Complete Digital Music Producer.   

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